Welcome To Joint Base Andrews!

Personal Property Processing and Passenger Travel Office
Located at 1500 W. Perimeter Rd in Suite 2700. This is the Jones Building, which is the first tall building after going through the Main Gate.
Please be aware: **All consumer inquiries and requests have to be made through E-Mail**    Due to limited manning and a restrained variety of phone lines, TMO can exceptional serve you thru E-Mail.
To view the most up to date TMO data and resources, please go to our Air Force Portal Site at https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/ep/globalTab.do?channelPageId=s742E16CC71F5760B0171F5912CF8003B&command=org.
– In/Out Processing Information
– JPPSO’s Contact Information
– Link to a weigh station locator
– How-To PowerPoints and films that cover growing a pass.mil account, developing a CONUS shipment on pass.mil, DITY move commands, and facts approximately reserving CONUS and OCONUS passenger and pet tour.
Personal Property Office Contact Information (The org field is the number one method of touch):
[email protected]
Passenger Travel Office Contact Information (The org container is the primary approach of touch):
HOURS OF OPERATIONMonday-Wednesday, Friday. Closed Thursdays for schooling.nine a.m. – 2 p.m.
For PPM/ DITY (Personally Procured Move/ Do It Yourself) move reimbursements, you’re required to deliver a copy of those files for a compensation package deal as follows: PCS Orders, DDFORM 2278, DDFORM 1351-2, all relevant receipts & contracts, PPM checklist, empty & full weight tickets of the vehicle used with registration code wide variety. Please write your closing name and the ultimate four digits of your SSN on your weight tickets.  Please ensure all files are legible and that all carbon copies are readable.
To report a declare of loss or broken items, you’ll have 180 days from the date of delivery. Claims must be filed within the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), accessed thru www.move.mil.
To agenda delivery of household items (HHG) or unaccompanied bags (UB) from Storage In-Transit (SIT) please contact your shifting agency without delay. For Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) release, please email us with your orders and the bodily deal with of where your items are being stored.
To arrange a cargo, please visit pass.mil. Please be aware, cargo making plans/scheduling can’t occur with out orders. A How-To video and Powerpoint for growing a CONUS cargo on move.mil can be located on our Air Force Portal Site. When you’re completed growing your cargo on pass.mil, please ship us an e-mail to inform us. DPS/Move.mil does not mechanically notify us.
Please be suggested because of peak season, members are required to offer Spread Dates for his or her HHG and UB shipments. This is a 7-day consecutive spread date that gives the JPPSO-MA Booking Office more flexibility to discover a carrier inside that unfold date. The 7-day consecutive spread date begins the day of the requested pick out-up date (M-F) that you choose to your shipment utility – now not earlier than.
Example: If you listing August 2nd as your preferred select-up date, your moving organisation is needed to time table your choose-up between August 2d and August 9th.