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Secure. Contain. Protect.

― Slogan of the SCP Foundation

Friday Night Foundation is an upcoming mod based off the SCP Foundation mythos, an online horror-fiction writing project revolving around a fictional organization with the same name. This mod depicts Boyfriend as an SCP with the anomalous ability to force any entity into a rap battle, which he uses to go up against various notable SCP characters.Important Disclaimers, Basic Concepts, and Terminology

Due to the absolutely massive size of the SCP mythos, and the contents of the mod, some basic context and information is needed before reading this page. To avoid possible confusion, please take a few seconds to familiarize yourself with the terminology and concepts below:

Important Disclaimers:

  • In real life, the SCP Foundation is a web-based horror-fiction writing project where users can write and submit SCP articles. These articles talk about the fictional SCP Foundation, a shadowy organization that is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (otherwise known as SCPs).
  • SCP articles take a unique take on horror writing: they convey horror through a scientific and academic writing style that is void of emotion, and the articles themselves have very high standards of quality. Because this wiki page is trying to be as faithful to the original SCP articles as possible, there will be a lot of reading on this wiki page.
  • Since there are so many SCP articles (6000+ over 12 years), this means there are loads of inconsistencies between them. Because of this, the SCP Mythos lacks a canonical timeline, meaning that certain details about groups, characters, or SCPs are up for the reader to decide. Essentially, the SCP Mythos is what you make of it.

Basic Concepts:

  • The abbreviation “SCP” stands for two different things:
    • Either “Special Containment Procedures” when referring to both the SCP Foundation and the SCPs themselves…
    • …or “Secure, Contain, Protect” when referring to the SCP Foundation’s motto.
  • Data redaction is commonly used in SCP articles, where information may be withheld/blocked from the reader to make the SCP much more mysterious. Common sights of data redaction are listed below:
    • “████████”


  • “Class D Personnel” (simply called D-Class or “Class D’s”) are death-row inmates recruited by the SCP Foundation, used as expendable lab rats to test SCPs with. In this mod, Boyfriend is considered one until the Foundation finds out he has anomalous abilities, prompting them to reclassify him as an SCP.
    • D-Class are also referred to not by name, but by “D-” and then four random numbers serving as an ID (ex. “D-4721” or “D-8363”).
  • A “containment breach” is a term used by the SCP Foundation, referring to an event where one or many SCP(s) escape/escapes their containment chamber. Depending on the SCP escaping, these events can cause massive loss of life if not properly responded to.
  • The SCP Foundation has created many different facilities to contain SCPs. These locations are known as “sites” and “areas”.
    • Like D-Class, sites and areas have a dash and then a few numbers serving as an ID (ex. “Site-08” or “Area-323”).
  • Every SCP is randomly assigned an “item number”, or the three/four numbers after “SCP-” (ex. “SCP-319” or “SCP-2875”). Item numbers are used to sort SCPs in an orderly fashion.
    • SCPs that have a “J” in their item number (ex. SCP-049-J or SCP-J911) are joke SCPs. These SCP’s are not to be taken seriously nor treated as official, and are only jokes as their title implies.
  • The SCP Foundation uses various terms to classify what type of hazard an SCP is. Two common ones you may hear are:
  • “Cognitohazard”: An object or organism that triggers supernatural effects when perceived with any of the five physical senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.
  • “Infohazard”: An object or organism that triggers supernatural effects whenever someone refers to or describes it. Simply knowing about an infohazard is usually dangerous.
  • (Most) SCPs are also graded on intelligence. Each one can be rated as:
    • “Sentient”, meaning the SCP is capable of thought, such as self-awareness and cognitive deduction.
    • “Sapient”, meaning the SCP is capable of thought and movement, such as the ability to grasp philosophical concepts.
    • “Non-sentient”, meaning the SCP is not capable of thought or movement, and/or is not alive.
  • Every SCP has an object class, which is used to classify how difficult the SCP is to contain. The three most common object classes are:
  • “Safe” (SCPs that are easily and safely contained.)
  • “Euclid” (pronounced yoo-kluhd) (SCPs that require more resources to contain completely or where containment isn’t always reliable.)
  • “Keter” (pronounced keh-tur) (SCPs that are exceedingly difficult to contain consistently or reliably, with containment procedures often being extensive and complex.)
  • Please note that object classes do not clarify how dangerous an SCP is. For example, a button that can destroy the entire universe when it’s pressed would be classified as”Safe”, since it is easy to contain, whereas a cat who randomly switches places with another cat anywhere on earth would be classified as “Keter”, since it is very hard to contain.

If you have made it this far, congrats! You now have a good understanding of what the SCP entries below will look like.Characters

“It is a relatively boring world for humanity. People live their lives always yearning for extraordinary and mystical experiences, yet never truly reach them. However, underneath the veil of normalcy that humankind has built itself lies a world filled with the strange, confusing, and dangerous. As of now, it seems that humanity will finally have its wish granted, as the skeletons in its closet have once again come out to play.”

SCPs are anomalous, mysterious, and unknown creatures, places, and objects, whose containment is the main goal of the secretive SCP Foundation. They’re (mostly) scary, (usually) unfriendly, and now they are down to rap battle!

There is only one ailment that exists in the world of men, and that is the Pestilence. And nothing else!

― SCP-049

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