27 Spanish Shows On Netflix

In an era when it’s challenging to travel and Netflix consistently releases quality content, you could quickly get a case of wanderlust by watching a foreign series. From crime dramas to romantic chick flicks, it’s not difficult to get hooked on dreaming of visiting the filming locations. Whether you speak Spanish or not, the best Spanish shows on Netflix including popular Spanish TV series and Netflix original series for 2021.

When it comes to Spanish Netflix shows, there is plenty of excellent series to choose from. If there’s a genre or type of Spanish show you’re looking for, chances are pretty good that there are Spanish shows on Netflix covering exactly what you’re looking for. While all Spanish shows on Netflix may not be available worldwide yet, this list can help give you an idea of which Spanish shows might be worth picking up in your region.

Spanish shows on Netflix are popular because of the deep, rich culture that exists in Spain. In addition, Spanish TV is known for quality locations featuring many famous landmarks in Spain and excellent scripts. While there may be Spanish shows on Netflix or Spanish series on Netflix available in other languages, Spanish streaming services like HBO Latino and Fox Hispanic have been expanding into new markets at an exponential rate.

If you love the Spanish language or culture, trying to learn Spanish or are simply looking for something different to watch, try one of these Spanish language shows on Netflix for engaging storylines and dramatic Spanish tv show plots that tell engaging stories. You don’t have to understand the Spanish language to enjoy the plots as Spanish tv shows on Netflix are either subtitled or dubbed in English. The English dubbed versions are, more often than not, excellent quality with professional voice acting. For example, if you’ve ever watched Money Heist of Club of Crows, you’ll see how well the dubbing has been done.

The Spanish have a long history of making films, beginning at the end of the 19th Century. The first film festival in Spain was in Barcelona in 1895, and the industry has grown from strength to strength, with Spanish cinema seeing international success over the years. Here are some of the best Spanish series on Netflix.

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Spanish Series On Netflix1- Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)Money Heist is one of the most popular Spanish shows available on Netflix.

La Casa de Papel was originally meant to be a limited series, but it was so successful in Spain that Netflix acquired global streaming rights for the show.

Since its first episode, this Spanish series has attracted a loyal following and is now the top original foreign show on Netflix.

The heist crime drama is a riveting watch and follows the mysterious ‘Professor’, who devises a complex plot to pull off the most daring robbery in Spain.

The original plan was to infiltrate the Royal Mint of Spain, but the plan goes wrong, and relationships are tested.

Eight robbers take over the Royal Mint of Spain and hold hostages as they print billions of euros.

If you like Money Heist, you might like The Italian Job, Breaking Bad, and Inception.

Set in: The show is mainly set in Madrid and showcases parts of the city, including the

Royal Mint of Spain, the Spanish National Research Council, Callao Square (where millions of euros fall out of the sky in season three). The exterior of the 12th-century Hermitage of Saint Fructus in Hoces del Rio Duratón Natural Park, Segovia, depicted where the robbers planned their heist. Travel around the world and explore other locations in the series, including Panama’s Guna Yana Islands, Florence in Italy, Thailand’s Pattaya and Palawan in the Philippines.

Cast: Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Miguel Herrán

Awards: 2018 International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series, 2020 Premios Platino for Iberoamerican Cinema Best Miniseries or TV series, Best Male Performance in a Miniseries or TV series and Best Female Supporting Performance in a Miniseries or TV series. The show has won and been nominated for many other awards since 2017.2- Bitter Daisies (O Sabor das Margaridas)Santiago de Compostela is a feature in this Netflix Spanish series.

Bitter Daisies is a story about Spanish Civil Guard rookie Rosa Vargas who investigates the disappearance of a teenage girl in a small Galician town.

It’s her first case, and although the evidence points towards the teenager leaving on her own, Rosa continues to investigate and discovers a secret.

The series has twists and turns, and the plots with primary and secondary mysteries continue to produce surprises at a pace that keeps the audience captivated.

Another unique aspect about Bitter Daisies is the language spoken in this Spanish series is Galician.

Set in: Galicia, an autonomous community in North West Spain. Galicia is green and has a beautiful Atlantic coastline. The region is home to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, which is a popular stop for hikers on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. The Romans once thought that Cape Finisterre’s western cliffs were the edge of the world.

Cast: Maria Mera, Nerea Barros, Miguel Insua, Ricardo de Barreiro3- Somebody Has to Die (Alguien Tiene Que Morir)There are so many binge-worthy Spanish shows available on Netflix, you’ll be busy watching for months!

If you’re looking for a gripping watch, this mystery set in 1950s Spain will have you at the edge of your seat.

After 10 years living in Mexico, Gabino returns home to dictator Francisco Franco’s Spain with his male ballet dancer friend to discover his parents have arranged his marriage to the daughter of another wealthy family.

The pair have to hide their homosexuality from Spanish high society as it was considered a sin during those times.

Somebody Has to Die is one of the best Spanish language shows for a quick watch on Netflix.

Cast: Alejandro Speitzer, Ester Exposito, Cecilia Suarez, Isaac Hernandez.4- Grand Hotel (Gran Hotel)Magdelena Palace in Santander is one of the historic destinations you’ll enjoy while watching this Spanish series available on Netflix.

Gran Hotel is a Spanish historical drama set in 1906 during the reign of King Alfonso XIII and is compelling Spanish language tv for those who love period dramas.

The show was filmed at Spain’s historic Magdalena Palace, built for the Spanish Royal Family in 1909, and tells the story of the staff at the Gran Hotel.

It starts with a mystery when Julio arrives at the fancy hotel to meet his sister but learns that Cristina was fired for theft.

Julio doesn’t believe this story and decides to do some detective work of his own by taking a job at the hotel to investigate his sister’s disappearance.

He makes friends with the Gran Hotel owner’s daughter, Alicia, betrothed to the hotel manager against her wishes.

Set in: Santander, the capital of the autonomous region of Cantabria on Spain’s north coast.

The city is famous for its beaches and its royal palace, Palacio de la Magdalena, which lies at the Bay of Santander.

Other attractions in Santander include Catedral de Santander, a Gothic cloister, and the lovely Jardines de Pereda gardens.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Santander was a royal destination and a stroll through the old quarter reveals majestic buildings.

Santander also has a rich fishing tradition and is a famous city to eat seafood, with local dishes like rabas (fried squid) and magazines (squid with onion) on the menu.

Cast: Adriana Ozores, Fele Martínez, Pedro Alonso,Yon González, Concha Velasco.5- Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)Madrid’s Gran Via features in this Spanish show available on Netflix as well as many others.

One of the best Spanish period series on Netflix is Las Chicas del Cable, set in the 1920s.

This Spanish language tv show follows the lives of four young women who work at a telephone company.