May 21, 2022

You got close. What is your message?

It is pretty frustrating to be honest. We didn’t handle the pressure early in the game and that allowed them to fuel their appetite to keep doing it and we coughed the ball-up when we should have absorbed the pressure. It probably was that we didn’t apply the same tackling pressure.

Full credit to them but it wasn’t like we didn’t know it was coming. Their pressure in the preseason was very high. It was our inability to complete our plays. Missed targets when we have no pressure or minimal pressure on the players. That was a big disappointment. We have been solid for the past couple of years, I think 2020 we completed a lot of plays that give us good scoring power but we have been inconsistent them in the last 12 months. We are working hard in the last part was probably centre balances. When we did get some opportunity or dominance in the game we gave up the centre bounce.

An isolated incident but Jordan De Goey took a contentious mark late. What did you make of it?

What do you make of his game generally it was pretty impressive?

He is a really good man. He has been given the opportunity and is looking for that. For him to perform the way he did, it is full credit to him. 18 touches for a big man, he competed and did what he had to do and showed everybody he is up to AFL level.

Will you keep a spot for Hayes when Ryder returns?

That will be interesting. It is great to see Hayes perform that way.

With Jack Hayes, if you don’t get the opportunity to look at him over during the preseason do you pick him?

It is interesting, I think we all do it, looking at the deficiencies that players have had before. Sometimes we do look at that way as coaches or recruiters. He has been around the mark and a lot of clubs have been so close to picking him but they have not for some reason.

Sometimes it’s because somebody else pops up and that changes your approach or your strategy going into the draft. It is a credit to him. He has put a good step forward in his AFL career.

He may not have the quantity of games but he does have the quality of games. He might not get to 300 because he started later but he will make sure that every game is a good one for him.

It is a storyline that has taken a bit in recent years, forward deficiency. How do you approach from that perspective?

When we got the ball we scored about 53 per cent which is a KPI that you go for every week. The supply was not good enough, though. We have to get that up a bit. Because we are starting with the ball going to the back and from the centre bounces we are giving up a lot of territory as well. As I touched on earlier, I thought our ability to use the ball coming out of defence, there was minimal pressure and we coughed it up. I do not think that helps the forwards at times if we get that supply back up, it will be encouraging for those players.

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