Boruto Chapter 72: Release Date And Time, What To Expect, And More

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is at a crucial stage at the moment and all the manga readers are anxiously waiting for the upcoming chapter. There were a series of important events that transpired in the previous chapter which certainly shaped the plot for the upcoming chapters and it will be interesting to see how things will play out.

According to the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations release schedule, Chapter 72 was supposed to be out in a couple of days. The series, however, announced a one-month hiatus. The chapter will now be released in August. Here’s what we know about the upcoming chapter of the series so far.

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Since the series is going on a break, the upcoming chapter will be released on August 20, 2022. The chapter will be released at midnight in Japan and the latest chapters of the series will be available on both Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus. The release times for various regions have been mentioned below:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 9 AM on Wednesday
  • Central Standard Time: 11 AM on Wednesday
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon on Wednesday
  • British Time: 5 PM on Wednesday

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 71 recap

Now, Code finally had his limiters removed by Amado since he feared for his life. However, things became a little complicated since Eida and Code had a bit of a disagreement. Amado was about to be killed by Code, but the former engaged in a conversation with Eida which led to Code not being able to kill him immediately. Code assumed Amado was talking to Eida out of desperation, but she refused to let Code kill him since he was talking about Kawaki. Code was insistent about killing Amado, which enraged Eida. She decided to call Daemon, who intervened quickly.

Daemon and Code engaged in a battle and Code was thoroughly overwhelmed despite having his limiters removed. The latter was hurt when he tried to attack Daemon because he approached him with the intent to kill. Eida and Daemon were quite shocked and so was Code because his desire to kill reflected back on him. It was in this chapter of Boruto that fans recognised Daemon’s ability to reflect lies in his palms, and Code learned of it as well. However, there wasn’t much he could do at that time as he was losing quite badly. Daemon also declared that Code was stronger than Jigen, but he wasn’t phased by this because he was clearly stronger than Code.

Code was forced to flee and Eida told him that she wouldn’t chase after him. She has the Senrigan, which allows her to see everything. She also told him that she could kill him if she wanted to, and asked him not to get in her way. It was at this point that Code told her about his mission of cultivating the Divine Tree and eat its Chakra Fruit in order to become a new Otsutsuki. Amado then revealed that he has access to an emergency shutdown code that nobody else knows about and he installed this inside Kawaki. Boruto chapter 71 ended with Code wanting to destroy Konohagakure.What to expect

Fans can expect the following episode to focus on Eida and Amado’s next steps. They will be visiting Konohagakure since Code seems to be hatching a plan to destroy Konohagakure. However, given that Eida can see everything, it will be interesting to see how Code will carry out his plans of destroying the village and everyone that is close to Kawaki.

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