Boruto Manga Series To Take A Short Break Before Chapter 72 Releases Worldwide

Chapter 72 of the Boruto manga series will sadly be taking a one-month break, but thankfully the new release date has just been confirmed.

For the vast majority of manga readers around the world, their favourite series become a staple of their Sunday schedule with weekly releases of new chapters.

However, fans of the Boruto franchise typically have a much more frustrating wait than most communities as the series makes use of a monthly release schedule.

Unfortunately, we will all have to wait slightly longer to see the Boruto manga return with confirmation of an upcoming one-month break, so what date will chapter 72 now release around the world?

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Boruto going on break for a month is painful. Monthly manga isn’t fun at all— Plot Armor (@plotarmoryt) June 17, 2022

View Tweet Boruto chapter 72 takes a break, new release date confirmed

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga is sadly taking a break this month and will not release chapter 72 in the July issue of V Jump as many fans may have expected.

A specific reason for the delay has not yet been shared, but mangaka often take regular breaks from the hectic schedule of continuous writing/illustrating so that they can maintain their own health, as well as the quality of their series.

The good news is that the iconic franchise will return in the following issue of V Jump, with Viz Media and Manga Plus now confirming that Boruto chapter 72 will release on Friday, August 19th from the following times:

  • Pacific Time – 8 AM
  • Eastern Time – 11 AM
  • British Time – 4 PM
  • European Time – 5 PM
  • India Time – 8:30 PM
  • Philippine Time – 11 PM
  • Australia Central Time – 12:30 AM

“Their alliance has broken down… Code has been cut off and discarded – Now that Code has been abandoned, his innermost thoughts are being mixed with feelings of envy and hatred…!!” – Boruto chapter 72 preview text, via Organic Dinosaur Twitter

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Is there a new anime episode releasing this weekend?

Yes, whilst the Boruto manga series is taking a one-month break, fans of the anime adaptation can look forward to a brand new episode later this week.

As confirmed by Crunchyroll, Boruto episode 259 “A Wound That Never Heals” will release on Sunday, July 20th from the following international times:

  • Pacific Time – 2 AM
  • Eastern Time – 5 AM
  • British Time – 10 AM
  • European Time – 11 AM
  • India Time – 2:30 PM
  • Philippine Time – 5 PM
  • Australia Central Time – 6:30 PM

“Mitsuki is a little worried about her cat, Mikazuki, who has not been seen recently. Mitsuki, together with Bolt and Sarada, is asked by the police department to help patrol the village to investigate a series of strange attacks. Mitsuki spends day after day patrolling the village, but one day she sees Mikazuki being fed by someone else, called by a different name, and being cared for by someone else. ……?” – Episode 259 preview text, via TV Tokyo.

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— Abdul Zoldyck (@Abdul_S17) July 17, 2022

View Tweet When is the next anime DVD releasing worldwide?

Whilst the majority of anime fans are watching each new episode as they are simulcast on Crunchyroll around the world, many are also waiting patiently for the next DVD launch.

In Japan, the 58th DVD (episode 227-229) was released on July 6th with the 59th (230-232) scheduled for August 3rd – with the collected 13th boxset (episodes 221-232) also set to release on August 3rd.

In North America, Viz Media are set to launch DVD Volume 13 on September 6th, this two-disc boxset will include episodes 177-189.

Madman Entertainment is set to release their 12th DVD boxset in Australia and New Zealand on August 3rd – the three-disc launch will include episodes 156-176.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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