FC Barcelona Prints BTS’ Logo on Uniforms Here’s what happened

There are increasing speculations that FC Barcelona might be printing BTS’ logo onto its uniforms.

Continue reading to find out what happened.

Media Outlet Boosts the Possibility of BTS’ Logo On FC Barcelona Uniforms As a Result of Spotify Sponsorship

On March 15, local time, Spotify announced that they had entered into a sponsorship agreement with FC Barcelona. They will be following the end of their partnership with Japanese company Rakuten. They have been partners with them since 2017, at the end of this season.

FC Barcelona claims that Spotify’s sponsorship will allow them to embroider their logo on their uniforms. It also includes the rights to name Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s home stadium. This will be rebranded as “Spotify Camp Nou.”

Over the four-year period, FC Barcelona received financial support from Spotify in the amount of EUR 279.5 million (or around $307 million USD).

What is drawing attention is however, a post by Bleacher Report Football (hereafter Bleacher Report), on their Instagram account.

Bleacher Report shared photos of FC Barcelona players wearing their uniforms on March 22. They also featured a new design in the middle that featured the logos of many famous singers. You can listen to their music on Spotify.

Bleacher Report also posted the caption: “After Barcelona announced Spotify their main sponsor, there were some rumors that their shirt sponsorship could have been artists from the platform.” Imagine.”

One of the photos shared featured BTS’ logo on the uniform. The idea of the seven-piece boyband appearing on the FC Barcelona uniform for the next season sparked curiosity.

This is possible, although it’s not impossible. From 2003 to 2005, FC Atletico Madrid partnered with Columbia Pictures. Their uniforms featured movies produced by the studio.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Spotify or FC Barcelona, there are many who believe it. BTS fans, the ARMYs will be thrilled that their favorite Kpop group will be featured in one of the top football teams. Some people hope that the uniforms will only feature Spotify’s logo as it did with Rakuten.

What do you think about uniforms?

500 Million Spotify Streams of ‘My Universe, Coldplay and BTS’

BTS and Coldplay’s collaboration song “My Universe” has reached 500 million Spotify streams. After its September 24, 2021 release, the song reached the milestone in 178 days.

This is also the third fastest song to reach 500,000,000 streams by a Korean artist, after BTS’s songs “Butter” (and “Dynamite”)

“My Universe” is the fifth BTS song to do this, after “Butter,” Dynamite, “Boy With Luv,” Fake Love, and “Butter.”

BTS and Coldplay, congratulations!


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