May 27, 2022

Heartstopper Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix

Heartstopper is a teen rom-com series starring Joe Locke and Kit Connor you’re absolutely going to fawn over once it officially releases on Netflix later this year.

The upcoming title journeys the lives of two boys who unexpectedly fall in love with one another during their high school years. Though love is at the center of their whole some relationship, they each have their fair share of baggage that they’re carrying, be it issues with self-confidence or coming to terms with their true identity. Nevertheless, they persist to follow wherever it is that their hearts lead them.

Playing the roles of these two high schoolers are Connor and Locke, the latter of which many are dying to know much more about as he is a new face in the acting scene. If you are also thrilled to know just who Joe is you’ve come to the right place because we tell you Joe Locke’s age, Instagram, and more below.Joe Locke age

Hailing from London, United Kingdom, Joe Locke was born September 24, 2003, which makes this Netflix actor 18 years of age and a Libra.Joe Locke Instagram

Joe’s Instagram is just as wholesome as he is as it is filled with pictures of his friends and family. However, now and then, we do get a stunning magazine-worthy photo of the star.

Check out this one below.

Joe currently has about 130,000 followers on Instagram and another 27,100 followers on his Twitter. That number is sure to increase exponentially, especially with his brand new series arriving very soon.

Be sure to give him a follow today to not only be amongst his many fans but also get a chance to see some behind-the-scenes photos of the Netflix original series.Joe Locke roles

Being the young and upcoming actor that he is, Heartstopper is the only title Joe has in his filmography at this time. However, we’re positive that’s going to change very soon!

Just like you, we can’t wait for Joe Locke to become a household name in the future. While we all wait for that day to arrive, be sure to catch Joe starring in the romance series, Heartstopper, streaming on Friday, Apr. 22 only on Netflix.

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