K-dramas Starring Ji Changwook In 2022

This year, the multifaceted South Korean superstar will return to the screen with a host of new projects

In Healer, I was completely smitten by Ji Changwook’s charismatic presence. If that wasn’t enough, I came across K2 and that was it. Another name was added to the list of my favorite Korean actors. He romances like no other fights like a pro, his comic timing is great, and he is all of that. Yes, I am an unabashed fan, I admit, and if you’re anything like me, our search ends here. After a long patient wait, the actor is coming back to the scene with some very interesting projects.

Starring as ‘Lee Eul’, Ji Changwook will be seen in Sound of Magic, a musical drama series based on Annarasumanara, a Naver webtoon. The plot follows schoolgirl ‘Yoon Ahyi’ (Choi Sungeun), whose extreme wish to become a wizard makes her want to grow up fast, while magician Lee Eul wants to stop time to avoid growing up. The story commences when these two characters meet. The series will also star Hwang Inyeop in a pivotal role. The Netflix original will premiere on May 6th, 2022.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Tell Me Your Wish; an emotional tear-jerker is a narrative that revolves around a young man, ‘Yoon Gyeoree’ (Ji), who grew up with many challenges to overcome. His childhood was spent in an orphanage, at a juvenile detention center, and a prison, thrown in for good measure. He’s practically a shambles and keeps injuring himself by getting tattoos. However, a plot twist leads him to a hospice unit to work as a caregiver and assist patients who wish to “die well.” ‘Kang Taeshik’ (Sung Dong ll) and ‘Seo Yeonjoo’ (Choi Sooyoung), a nurse, are in charge of this volunteer service. The drama series, due for release this year, is inspired by the ‘Ambulance Wish Foundation’ in the Netherlands, a non-profit organization that helps terminally ill patients realize their dreams. Photo: Courtesy of HanCinema

News has it that the Lovestruck in the City actor is being considered for a lead role in Han Dongwook’s next, The Worst Evil. It’s supposed to be an action thriller, a genre in which Ji has previously excelled, multiple times for that matter. Little is known about the plot, but as the title suggests, it should feature high-voltage fight scenes, as well as possibly stunt scenes. But that isn’t as important as what I’m interested in. Will it be the classic good versus evil plot? Or maybe this time with a twist? Will our hero be the good hero who stands up to the worst evil, or the worst evil himself? Only time will tell.

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