May 27, 2022

The streaming platform shared the teaser and the first images of the third season. What’s new in the anthology will land in May of this yearWatch the official teaser for season three of “Love, Death & Robots”. (Netflix)

We only had to wait a year to see a new batch of episodes of Love, Death & Robots, the short film anthology on Netflix that has captivated more than one with its stories of horror, horror, comedy and with futuristic or technological approaches. The first season was divided into 18 chapters and, the second, only eight. Now, the third volume can be seen in May of this year… we already have a first teaser that anticipates it without much advance.

Although the trailer shared by the platform does not show much and is more like a recount of everything that has been seen before, it was revealed that the continuation will arrive on May 20 with more than one surprise. Do you remember the three nice robots that roamed a totally destroyed Earth? They will return in a new episode that will resume their adventures in a post-apocalyptic world, without humans and with the company of many cats.

Through its official channels, the giant of the “N” shared the long-awaited images of the first glimpse of the episodes, the total number of which has not yet been confirmed. It is recalled that the number of chapters dropped significantly between the first two installments, however, it is unknown whether only eight short stories will be released again or could be more.

Blur Studio, Blow Studio, Pinkman TV, Studio La Cachette, Unit Image, Red Dog Culture House, Able & Baker, Axis Studios, Platige Image Studio, Sony Pictures, Passion Animation Studios, Elena Volk Studio, Atomic Fiction, Sun Creature Studio and Digic Pictures, were the animating studios for the opening volume of Love, Death & Robots . Created by Tim Miller (Deadpool), the series was made possible under the production of Miller himself alongside David Fincher, Joshua Donen and Jennifer Miller.

El encanto y desencanto de Love, Death & Robots

Throughout —currently— 26 episodes, Love, Death & Robots is a work of visual effects that moves between different themes that, as the title itself assures, relate to love, death and robots. Some stories are simple and others are very fantastic, but there are many that delve into the futuristic, technological and spatial environments. Monsters and battles are not long in coming, as well as very disturbing moments for the audience.

On the other hand, something that can also disenchant many of this Netflix original production is the incessant share of violence and sexualization seen in certain animation proposals. Beyond that, the title has managed to position itself as one of the favorites in the streaming service’s catalog alongside other similar ones such as the acclaimed British fiction Black Mirror.

The third season of Love, Death & Robots will be available on May 20.

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