May 21, 2022

NCT Johnny is a K-pop idol and dancing is an integral part of his life. Even though he is already a star, learning new moves is a part of his daily routine. Because of the number of performances he has to prepare, he must memorize many dance steps. This includes the stages they will use for Korean music programs, TV shows, concerts, awards ceremonies and many other events.

(Photo : Instagram: @nct127)
NCT Johnny Workout 2022: Here’s how the ‘Kick it’ singer stays in shape

Dance practice is now a regular part of NCT Johnny’s exercise routine. It is well-known that the choreography for the boy group’s dance is difficult to follow so they will need to spend a lot of time learning it. Johnny’s body will be slimmer because of all of these practices.

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NCT Johnny Workout Routine 2022: Here’s How the ‘Kick It’ Singer Stays in Shape

NCT Johnny also exercises regularly. He and his friends held a live stream via Naver V Live. Fans were able to see the boys working out.

Johnny was the instructor and led the exercise. You can see him doing many exercises that can be done at home. This includes stretching and bodyweight exercises, such as the toe-touch crunch and the normal crunches.

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NCT Johnny Workout Routine 2022: Here’s How the ‘Kick It’ Singer Stays in Shape

NCT Taeyong revealed that Johnny does this exercise every day at his home during the live broadcast. It’s no surprise that he is proud of his toned abs, and lean physique.

Johnny shared his exercise routine with his NCT friends, and they all are slowly catching up. Johnny is now the fitness instructor for the group.

NCT Johnny’s Most Recent Activities

NCT Johnny has not released any recent music. NCT Dream is the NCT sub-unit that has made a comeback in this year’s NCT.

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NCT 127 “STICKER” Group Photo

Johnny’s sub-unit NCT 127 made its most recent return to K-pop in October 2021 with the release of “Favorite”. This is the repackaged version their third studio album “Sticker”. Despite it being a repackaged album, NCT 127’s “Favorite”, a single-track record-breaking album, became a million-selling one in less than a week. Before its official release, “Favorite” already had 1.06 million pre-orders.

(Photo : Facebook: NCT 127)
NCT 127 “Favorite” Concept Photo

The sub-unit is now a triple-million-selling seller, having sold more than one million copies of “Favorite”. In September 2021, the main album, “Sticker”, sold over two million copies.

Johnny was a part of NCT’s third album, “Universe” in December 2021. On the release date (Dec. 14), “Universe” had more than 1.7million pre-orders.

(Photo : Twitter: @NCTsmtown)
NCT “Universe” Concept Photo

In the first week, “Universe” sold 933,407 copies at the Hanteo Chart. It broke the previous record of 644,712 copies sold back in October 2020 by “NCT Resonance Pt.1”.

NCT’s “Universe”, which was released in South Korea, also saw over 1.6million sales in the first month.

(Photo : Instagram: @nct127)

NCT 127 then held their second solo concert, “NEO CITY – SEOUL – THE LINK,” in Seoul from December 17-19 at the Gocheok Sky Dome.

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