Queen Of The South Season 3 Episode 5

Teresa’s operation at the winery is up and running. They are shipping cocaine made to look like champagne and it’s making them $30 million a month. Teresa wants to grow the business big enough to where no one can touch it. But she shares with James that she took flying lessons in Europe and plans to buy her own airplane so if they come for her, she’ll be ready. 

Teresa brings Little T into the business but James doesn’t trust her. 

Devon Finch arrives at the winery and takes Kelly Anne and everyone else at gunpoint before calling Teresa. He recognizes “Priscilla” as Kelly Anne. He has her moved to the basement where Pote is hiding. 

Teresa goes in without James and tells him to contact La Commision but when he does, Pecas won’t call the rest of La Commission and tells them to handle it themselves. 

Devon wants to do business directly with El Santo. When Teresa says that isn’t possible he threatens Kelly Anne, so Teresa gives him El Santo’s emergency phone number. Devon thinks it’s a ruse and calls for Kelly Anne to be brought back up.

In the basement, Kelly Anne gives herself up in order to allow Pote to sneak out through the tunnel. Devon uses water torture on her in front of Teresa. James decides to go in alone. 

Pote finds James. James decides to go in along since Devon wants him. Teresa learns that James didn’t let that family live. He killed the husband and wife and told the kids there was a break in and that they should run to the neighbors. Then he turned on the gas, but one of the girls ran back as the house exploded and she died. That’s when James found his conscience, which angered Devon. 

Teresa tells Devon to take James, but she’s only buying time. During a distraction, she grabs two guns and she and James are in a standoff until Devon’s sister’s phone rings. Teresa’s hacker, who has been watching everything from the cameras, has tracked down Devon’s mother. Little T is at her church taking video of Devon’s mother singing. Devon backs down and Teresa tells him never to interfere with her business again. 

Afterward, Devon meets with his handler. He’s working for the government to try and take down El Santo. They will move his mother and sister so that he can go back to Chicago and continue his work. 

Later, Pote bandages Kelly Anne’s cuts and tells her that he saved her life, now she’s family. 

James offers to leave after lying to Teresa. He thinks he doesn’t deserve another chance after that girl was killed. Teresa says everyone deserves a chance and the two make love. The following morning, Teresa drives down the road when her tire is shot out and men in a van take her. She goes with them without protest. 

Boaz in on the run and is being protected by his cousin, Javier Jimenez. Cortez learns that Alonzo Loya has been lying to Camila. He’s been reinstated at the DEA for weeks and their target is now Camila, not Teresa. 

Camila confronts Alonzo who denies he’s with the DEA, and the two have sex against, but Cortez has the room set up with cameras and he’s watching. Alonzo sees the camera and quietly tells Camila who tells him to take the side door to get out but he runs into Cortez men. Alonzo is shot and fights with Cortez but he still gets away.