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The last news that was available was dated August 2, 2021 where an image had been published of what is deduced is the land of Valinor, home of the Valar, and several images of the production of the series located in different locations, which gave peace of mind to the fans of the progress of the filming of the series.

The teaser in particular only shows us what at first appears to be a mountain range and where lava begins to come down from a spring, and then shows us what it really is: a forge where the metal is poured at the time of forging a ring.During this minute we are accompanied by the story of a voiceover that recites the rhyme of the Lord of the Rings.We do not doubt for a second that it is Galadriel, the elf who in the movies was played by Cate Blanchett and that in the series she will be played by Morfydd Clark, only confirmed character of the series.The melody that we hear in the background recalls the music of The Lord of the rings, not so curious fact, since a fairly true rumor told us thatHoward Shore, the composer of the trilogy of The Lord of the ringsand ofThe Hobbit, had also been hired to set the series.

Morfydd Clark will play the role of Galadriel in the series, performed by Cate Blanchett in the films.

Although the teaser itself does not tell us much, an email sent by AmazonPrime, where the showrunners themselves JD Payne Y Patrick McKay state: “This is the title we imagine could live on the spine of a book alongside other JRR Tolkien classics. The Rings of Power brings together all the main stories of the Second Age from Middle Earth: the forging of the rings, the rise of the dark lord Sauron, the epic legend of Númenor and the Last Alliance elves Y Men”, they explained.“Until now, audiences have only seen the story of the Single ring, but before there was one, there were many… and we are excited to share the epic story of all of them.”

This statement is very important, since it reveals to us which stories will be told in the successive seasons of the series, since at least four or five will be needed to tell each crucial milestone of the series. Second Age: The forging of the rings, in which we will see a more perfect and beautiful version of the Dark Lord Sauron;the legend of Númenor, the ancestors of Aragorn and from where three of the nine arise Nazgulfaithful servants of Sauron and the Single ring and The Last Alliance elves Y Men, where in the movies is Isildur who strips Sauron of Single ring.The series seems very well oriented in its history, since we can clearly see that it focuses on Sauron, the villain and main protagonist of the story of Tolkien and from the series, the Dark Lord, Lord of Mordor… The Lord of the rings.

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